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P.O. Box 710
Winterport, Maine  04496  U.S.A.
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Maine Coastal News is published 12 times per year.

The distribution of Maine Coastal News is mainly from Eastport to Kittery.   It can also be obtained free from the newstand or by subscription.  A year subscription (12 issues) is $20.00 and a single copy is $2.00, which covers postage. Foreign rates for subscriptions are $40.00 per year.

The Maine Coastal News office is located at 966 North Maine Street, Winterport, Maine.

Comments or request for more information about the publication may be addressed to:

Publisher, Maine Coastal News
P.O. Box 710
Winterport, Maine  04496

Publisher and Editor
Jon B. Johansen
Rachel Elward
Advertising Deadlines: around the 8th to 12th of the month preceding the issue. Please call to confirm

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