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17 June 2006


BOOTHBAY HARBOR – The first race of the Maine Lobster Boat Race season was run at Boothbay Harbor on 17 June with 40 participants showing up for the event. In the Working Boats under 24 feet classes there were 10 boats, gasoline, 4 boats and diesel, 26 boats. It certainly was not the weather that kept competitors away, it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Maybe it was the dollar more a gallon for diesel fuel. May be there are just too many races a year. What ever the reason, some began wondering if major changes needed to take place to re-breath life into lobster boat racing.

On the bright side five new boats showed up for the event. They included: 51, Billy Bob Faulkingham, Winter Harbor, Osmond 40, 610-hp Cummins diesel; Askk’n, Ed Shirley, Bucksport, Calvin Beal Jr., 38, 525-hp John Deere diesel; Heather & Isaac, Keith Simmons, Jr., Friendship, Young Brothers, 800-hp Caterpillar diesel; Loose One 2, Daniel Lewis, Trevett, Leblanc 24, 150-hp Yamaha outboard; and Size Matters, Dixon Smith, Beals Island, Libby 41, 535-hp Detroit diesel.

Despite all the adversity the Lorna R., Galen Alley [30-foot Riley/Adrian Beal, wood, 1973, 632 cid Chevrolet, gas] has been through getting ready to compete this year it all paid off when he won all his events, including the Fastest Lobster Boat. The adversity came when they were doing sea trials and she went under when a plank came off the hull. She was raised and her hull and engine were rebuilt.

The first two races for the Working Boat classes had just one competitor each. Howard Carter’s The Claw, with a 4.5-hp outboard streaked up the course at 8 mph to win Class A. Nate Hildings in Not Much won Class B. In Class C three boats came to the line and it was a tight race between Josh Greenleaf’s boat and Joel Hallinan’s Poley One, which was won by Greenleaf by just a boat length. Five boats were entered in Class D and this was won by William DeBery’s Supa Gupp.

In the Gasoline classes just four boats were entered in the five classes and they each won their respective classes. All four boats were sent up together. The first over the line was the Lorna R., in Class D. Second was Colby Joseph, Randy Bertrand [AJ 28, 350 cid Chevrolet] in Class B. He was followed by Cry Baby, D&L Boatworks [25-foot, wood/fiberglass, 292 cid Chevrolet] winning Class A. Coming up the course at a conservative pace was Douglas Carter’s Babe [Everett Barlow, 1962, wood, 455 cid Oldsmobile] for first in Class C. Carter had discovered before the race that his stern post was suspect and he said that he would not be pushing her hard. Well, that held out for just one race. When the Babe and Lorna R. faced off in the Wooden Boat Race, he pushed her a lot harder, but needed a lot more win.

There were no entrants in 3 diesel class races, which included Class B, Class D, and Class L. Another 5 classes had just one entrant.

Three boats came to the line for Diesel Class A, which was won by Blue Thunder, Charles Gray [Northern Bay 28, 230-hp Steyr]. Second went to Miss Mary, Robert Robinson Jr., [Crooked River 28, 200+-hp Cummins] followed by Minor Debt, Chris Hutchinson [Muscle Ridge 28, 210-hp Cummins]. Class C also had three entrants and was won by David Grant’s Venom [Muscle Ridge 28, 250-hp Sisu], which continued her winning ways from last year. Next came Miss Attitude, Marshall Farnham [Holland 32, 247-hp John Deere] and Andrea & Donna, David Taylor [Crowley 28, 300-hp Isuzu]. There was just one entrant in Class E, Gladiator, Bill Grant [Crowley Beal 33, 287-hp Volvo]. Five boats were competing in Class F, and just as last year Jim Minott’s Hooked Up [Crowley 36, 375-hp John Deere] easily out distanced her competitors. Second was First Team, Travis Otis [OEM 35, 410-hp Sisu] followed very closely by Why Knot, Aaron Smith [Libby 34, 420 Caterpillar]. Fourth went to Eben Wilson’s Working Girl [Young Brothers 35, 300-hp Cummins] and fifth was Dexter Benner’s Fugitive [Duffy 35, 420-hp Caterpillar]. The only entrant in Class G was Todd Ritchie’s Seacock [Calvin Beal Jr., 34, 436-hp Sisu]. Four boats were entered in Class H. First was Keith Jordan’s Hot Spot II [Libby 38], with second going to Sarah Adam, Dwayne Sutherland. They were followed by Clive Farrin’s Sea Swallow [Newman 36, 450-hp Caterpillar] and Ed Shirley’s new boat Askk’n, which died half way up the course. The next two races had just one entrant. In Class I there was just Steve Johnson’s Wild One [Crowley Beal 33, 892 GM] and Class J was Rusty Brewer’s Look Out [Young Brothers 38, 700-hp Detroit]. Three boats came to the line for Class K and Amby Alley’s Shitpoke [Northern Bay 36, 800-hp Caterpillar] continued her domination. Second went to Christina & Seth, Dennis Young [Mitchell Cove 35, 740-hp GM] and third was Heather & Isaac, Keith Simmons. In Class M Billy Bob Faulkingham’s new 51 outdistanced Dixon Smith’s new Size Matters. Third went to Ella & Sadie, Colin Yentsch [RP 40, 575-hp Scania]. The only entrant in Class N was John Drouin’s Rebbie’s Mistress [Wesmac 46, C-18 Caterpillar].

All four gasoline power boats came out for the Gasoline Free-for-All, which was easily won by the Lorna R. Next were Babe, Colby Joseph and Cry Baby.

In the Diesel Free-for-All eight boats went to the line, but only the first three boats were given a place. First was Christina & Seth, followed by Wild One and Shitpoke.

In the Fastest Lobster Boat Race, gas or diesel, the Lorna R. took the top spot easily. She was followed by Shitpoke, Seacock and Babe.

It is now onto the Moosebec Reach races in Jonesport on 4 July. With some of the hot boats missing from the competition may be more of the local boats will come out and participate. After this event, the racers than will go to Friendship, since no one at Stonington stepped to the plate to run that event. It is thought that may be someone will come forward for the 2007 season.