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20 August 2005



Searsport was hosted by Keith and Travis Otis, who do all that is humanly possible to get entrants, but only 33 boats showed for the event. The day began with sun, but as the event began the clouds moved in and a shower or two began falling.

The big winner in Work Boat Class A and B was Ripple, which was driven by Nat Hildings in Class A and Richard Hildings, Jr. in B. Kyle Ritchie’s I Don’t Know took first in Class C and David Johnston of Long Island brought his Casco Miss up to win Class D.

Just four boats came out for the Gasoline Classes. Cry Baby, (25-footer, 292 cid Chevrolet) owned by D. & L. Boatworks won Class A and Isaac Beal’s Christopher (Mariner Beal, 502 cid Chevrolet) took Class C. Two boats came to the line for Class D and Wayne Canning’s Twiggens (Holland 32, 460 cid Ford) and Wyatt Beal’s Moxie (Mariner Beal, 535-hp Chrysler) with Twiggens getting over the line first.

Several classes had just won entrant. Don Drisko’s Merganser (Calvin Beal Jr., 230-hp Yanmar) was the only entrant in Class C; Wendall Bryant’s 16 th Avenue (Holland 32, 315-hp Cummins) in Class D; Wayne Rich’s Rich Tradition (Robert Rich, 315-hp Cummins) in Class E; Todd Ritchie’s Seacock (Libby 34, 410-hp Sisu) in Class I; and Skip Young’s Silver Spoon (Mitchell Cove 37, 650-hp Volvo) in Class L. There were also three classes that had no entrants, which included Class F, M and O.

Chuck Williams came out for the third time this year and won Diesel Class A with his Mjr. Weakeyes (Duffy 25, 235-hp Steyr) with Howard Gray’s Blue Thunder (Northern Bay 28, 230-hp Steyr) taking second. In Class C Travis Otis took Venom (Muscle Ridge 28, 250-hp Sisu) up the course for a first place finish followed by Kevin Glover’s Quick Step (South Shore 30, 300-hp Volvo). Bill Grant’s Gladiator (Crowley-Beal 33, 287-hp Volvo) put several boat lengths between him and Scott Dakin’s Fra Diavolo (Mitchell Cove 32, 350-hp Volvo) in Class G. In Class H Travis Otis’ First Team (Northern Bay 36, 410-hp Sisu) was absent. It was later learned that the engine was blown and he said that if sound was any indication it was really bad. He added that he was done for the season. First went to Jim Minott’s Hooked Up (Crowley-Beal 33, 375-hp John Deere) followed by Mike Gray’s Mary L. II. Kristan Porter brought his new Whitney & Ashley (Wesmac 42, 540-hp Caterpillar), which is the former Rebbie’s Mistress, to the race and won Class J with Dwayne Sutherland’s Sarah Adam (Osmond 38, 503-hp Caterpillar) second. In Class K Steve Johnson’s Wild One (Crowley-Beal 33, 892 GM) faced off against the Hate Me Rose II (28 footer, 270-hp), which was really a airplane. It was an interesting race, which got the crowd talking. The big race of the day was going to be Class N with Alfred Osgood’s Starlight Express (Northern Bay 36, 900-hp Mack), Andrew Gove’s Uncle’s UFO (Northern Bay 36, 900-hp Mack) and the Hate Me Rose II. As they came up the course the plane quickly took the lead, but what happened next was what scares race organizers when the steering let go on Starlight Express and she cut across the path of Uncle’s UFO before going dead in the water. The plane sped up the course going 100 mph, but she came out of the water and was disqualified and the win went to Uncle’s UFO. Three boats came to the line for Class P and two of them, John Drioun’s Rebbie’s Mistress (Wesmac 46, C-18 Caterpillar) and Nick Lemieux’s Phantom (Young Brothers 46’ 6”, 825-hp Detroit) were new this year. It was a very close race between Richard Hilding’s What’s Left (RP 40, 800-hp Caterpillar) and Rebbie’s Mistress with the win going to What’s Left by less than a boat length.

Four boats came out for the Lady’s Skipper’s Race, which was won by Sally Grant in Gladiator.

In the Gasoline Free-for-All Christopher took first followed by Twiggens and Moxie.

In the Diesel Free-for-All first went to Uncle’s UFO with second going to Gladiator followed by 16 th Avenue.

In the Wooden Boat Race Christopher took first and second went to Moxie.

In the final race of the day, fastest lobster boat, it was Uncle’s UFO with Gladiator second.