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2 July 2005


There was some confusion about the day the Moosebec Reach Races were scheduled for. Never before had the races been held on 4 July, unless the 4 th fell on a Sunday. However this year they opted to race them on Saturday the 2 nd, allowing everyone the rest of the weekend.

Again the weather was poor, with rain and fog on Friday. On the morning of the race it was foggy, but it cleared enough around noon for the races to be started. Even with the poor weather 65 boats entered the races, with 20 signing up for the first time. Of these 20, two were new boats. Alan Taylor showed up with his Taylor Made (Calvin Beal 36, 450-hp Scania), which had been finished off by Barry Hutchins of Milbridge. Skip Young’s new boat is Silver Spoon (Mitchell Cove 37, 650-hp Volvo) finished off by Fraser Performance of Stockton Springs. Another interesting boat that had not competed before was Ronald Carver’s Mr. T. (Wayne Beal 32, 235-hp Sisu). What is interesting about this boat, which is the plug for this new Wayne Beal model, is that she sports a hard chine. The boat drew a lot of compliments, even before she did well in her race.

What was surprising was no one came from Vinalhaven and the usual Cutler fleet was absent, probably just the weather.

Eighteen boats entered the work boat classes, which was down slightly from last year. Matthew Alley won Class A with Flying Ryan, followed over by Nicholas Graham and Robbie Carver’s Full Throttle. Class B was won by James Blyther, who was followed over the line by John Hughes’ Sundance. She would be disqualified for only having one person in the boat, thus giving second to Kyle Chandler’s Trapper. Four boats came to line for Class C, which was won by Ralph Davis’ Alpex, which has been first here the last three years. Walter Howland’s Kane/Nakita took first in Class D with second going to Jason Mills’ McKenzi Starr.

Two boats came out for the Dragger Race, which was easily won by Mitchell Beal’s Bukie & Dukie and Dukie Too (Wayne Beal 40, 500-hp Duetz). There was just one Lady Skipper, which raced on board Brian Strout’s Annie Belle. As expected there were seven entrants in the Wooden Boat Race, which was won by Isaac Beal’s Christopher (Mariner Beal, 502 cid Chevrolet). Second went to his son, Wyatt Beal of Frenchboro, with Moxie (Mariner Beal, 535-hp Chrysler).

Eight boats entered the five Gasoline Classes. Class A only had one entrant, Catherine & Joseph (Repco 30, 250 Chevrolet) owned by Joe McDonald; as did Class E, Bernard Beal’s Stella Ann (Riley Beal, wooden boat, 502 cid Chevrolet). Stella Ann was a dominate racer for years with her last race being at Moosebec in 2002. She was scheduled to race last year, but her mechanic was in an accident just before the races and could not make it. Shawn Alley brought his Jennifer Lee (Osmond Beal, wooden, 455 cid Oldsmobile) to Jonesport to renew his rivalry with Christopher in Class C. He has been close but rarely has won and today was no different. Moxie took on Merle Beal’s Silver Dollar (Willis Beal 38, wooden, 455 cid Lincoln) in Class D and easily won.

The Diesel Classes were well attended, but three Class K, M and N had no entrants. Howard Gray’s Blue Thunder (Northern Bay 28, 230-hp Steyr) easily won over Christopher Beal’s Little Ladies (Osmond 27, 220-hp John Deere). Eight boats came to the line for Class B and the race was said to be between Steve Carver’s Bigger Dirls (Holland 32, 225-hp John Deere) and Robert Alley’s Irene Renee II (33-foot Calvin Beal, Jr., wood, 225-John Deere). It was close as they came up the course, but as they neared the finish line Bigger Dirls pulled away for the win. Venom (Muscle Ridge 28, 250-hp Sisu) owned by David Grant was no competition for Rafy D. (South Shore 30, 300-hp Caterpillar) owned by Dean Beal, who took first, or Osmond Beal’s Shanna & Erick (Osmond 27, 300-hp), who took second. In Class D Aaron Smith’s Why Knot (Libby 34, 300-hp Caterpillar) took first for the second time this year with a win over Brian Strout’s Annie Belle (Holland 32, 300-hp John Deere). Thurman Alley and his Melanie Jean (Willis Beal 38, wooden, 300-hp Caterpillar) had a tough battle with Papa’s Pride (Wayne Beal 36, 300-hp Caterpillar) in Class E, but got the win. Bill Grant’s Gladiator (Crowley Beal 33, 287-hp Volvo) got his second victory of the year in Class G with Kenton Fenney’s Terry Luan (Holland 32, 350-hp Yanmar) taking second. Travis Otis brought his First Team (Northern Bay 36, 410-hp Sisu) out for the first time this year and took first in Class H. Second went to Jeremy Beal’s Musette Belle (Wayne Beal 36, 435-hp Caterpillar), followed by Christopher Church’s Ashley Dawn (Repco 37, 375-hp John Deere). Bill Haass and his Duncan & Blake (Mitchell Cove 35, 500-hp MAN) were in for a battle with Todd Ritchie’s The Seacock (Calvin Beal 34, 410-hp Sisu). It was close all the way up the course, but Duncan & Blake was just ahead at the finish. Taylor Made was the only entrant in Class J and got the easy win. Silver Spoon faced off against Chris Chipman’s Monica Tymen (Osmond 42, 500-hp) and got an easy win. Joshua Joyce showed off his Atonement (North Shore 40, 650-hp Mack) as she easily beat Bernard Beal’s Jareb & Kellen (Wayne Beal 40, 740-hp MTU) in Class O. Arvid Young’s Tenaru River (Young Brothers 45, 900-hp Caterpiller) was the only entrant in Class P.

In the Gasoline Free-for-All the battle was for second and third, since Stella Ann was a shoe in for the top spot. Jennifer Lee and Moxie battled up the course, but it was Jennifer Lee crossing first by a couple of boat lengths.

Gladiator won the Diesel Free-for-all with Duncan & Blake getting second followed by Why Knot and Silver Spoon.

In the World’s Fastest Lobster Boat, Stella Ann was the easy winner with Gladiator second and Duncan & Blake third.