Computer Problems Resolved

Welcome...... now offers computer assistance at minimal cost to the customer.

I'm going to take the time now to suggest that you get into a good routine backing up your important data.
Think of it this way... What data would you miss if all of a sudden, you had a hard disk crash and you could not
salvage anything from your drive. After the sick feeling goes away, you then have to think about reconstructing
all that you have lost. Important files, music, video...
So let's be prepared and back up important items on your computer. There are options out there.

If you are within the Bangor / Brewer immediate area, you can call (207)356-6464 and leave
me a message, or send me
an email with issue at hand: and I might be able
to drop by and check out your system.


If your computer is slowed because of spyware / virus or just needs a good cleaning. I can
connect remotely to your system and take care of the issue. If I cannot help or take care
of your issue then there is no cost to you. Send me an email, and I'll contact you and ask you
to click on the following link for me to be able to have access to your system: TeamViewer